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PhotographerHave you ever taken a picture that you thought was going to be great, to find out later that it just wasn’t quite right? Once you have read our photography tips and techniques, you will have the tools to always take great photos with the effects that you really want.

Learn to take pictures like the PRO's! From family photography to landscapes, we will show you how it is done.

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You will even get to see how the different parts of the Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera are used to create the photograph, and learn a few tricks on how you can use their traits to create different effects with your pictures.

TurtleFor fellow nature lovers, we have some great tips on bird photography and general wildlife photography that will help you get up close to your subject.

We will take you through the thought process of seeing the picture before it is taken and properly framing each shot so that your subjects are drawn to your intended focal point.

You will learn how to use your camera to take action shots with no blur.

With the development of the digital camera, it is now possible for the average person to take hundreds of pictures to get that one really fantastic one.

You can now practice your techniques and immediately see the effects of each one. Pro's take four shots for their perfect one.

So try our tips, tricks, and techniques. They are free and fun!

This is site is meant to be a primary source for Photography tips and techniques and will continuously be updated.

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Here are some beginning photography tips that will help introduce you to some of the basic photography concepts and describe the basic skills that a photographer must have.
Family Photography tips and techniques.
Here are some Family Photography Tips that will bring out the character of your loved ones. This is much more than having them look at the camera and say cheese. These articles introduce some interest
Child Photography Tips
Child photography is one of the most rewarding fields of the art. These tips will show how to capture the blissfulness of youth and bring out the true character of the child.
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Here are some Portrait Photography tips that will help tell a story about a person's life or relay the character of a family. Portraits have long been the most popular of the photography venues.
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Here are some free landscape photography tips that will have your landscapes standing out from amongst the crowd. Since this has become one of the most popular venues of photography, we could all use
Wildlife Photography Tips and Techniques.
These wildlife photography tips will help get you closer to the wildlife and put you in a more safe conscious mindset. The number one rule for wildlife photography is: Go where the Wildlife is.
SLR Camera Tips for Better Photos.
The SLR Camera is by far the most popular camera type for novice and professional photographers. There are certain settings that must be considered before taking a photograph with one though.
Camera Lenses
The characteristics of camera lenses are aperture size and focal length. The three typical types of lenses are: normal (standard), wide angle, and telephoto.
Bird Photography Tips and Techniques
These bird photography tips will show how to find, approach, and photograph birds. Bird photography can present challenges that can become addictive to overcome. With the right preparation and insight
Event Photography Tips
These event photography tips will better prepare you for some of the larger and more active functions. The thing that most of these events have in common is that there is always some action goin
Professional Photography Tips
These professional photography tips are intended to introduce the profitable side of photography to include studio lighting setup, stock photography, and much more.
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Fun With Photography is the site newsletter that introduces photography based crafts, games, projects, and more. Best of all, it's fun and free!
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