Baby Props for Photography

"Choose the Right Baby Props for Clicking the Perfect Picture"

Clicking pictures of babies can be a very fulfilling and beautiful experience if you follow the right approach. Be playful, enthusiastic, and patient while photographing children since they won't stand in the perfect pose and show their pearly whites at the drop of a hat. Photos of babies are all about spontaneity, innocence, and the true spirit of childhood that can make each image a masterpiece.

Children can go from laughter to tears in a split second, they keep running around and hate to follow instructions. Yes, they are difficult subjects to deal with but once you capture the right expressions, all your efforts will be worth it. Try these props to get your child involved and make your photography session truly memorable.


Bubbles are one of the most commonly used baby props and are easily available at most kids' shops or party stores. The small, transparent balls of foam attract almost all children (even adults!) and elicit some remarkable expressions. Children like to chase the bubbles, pop them and while they are busy playing, you can keep clicking their laughter and smiles.

Colorful Small Pedestals

A small pedestal is something most people will have in their homes or can find easily at a local home décor store. These can also be used for older kids, who can either sit on them or lean against them. Professional photo studios usually have a couple of such pedestals all brightly colored and arranged in a beautiful way.

Baby Baths

Now this is something all kids enjoy - sitting in the bath and splashing water all around. This is an excellent prop that not only looks good but also confines the child to a smaller area so you don't need to run around with your camera. Throw in small plastic balls, rocking horses, ducks, and other small toys to make the bath more appealing for the child.

Toy Bikes

Make your child sit on one of the small toy bikes and you will get the most lovable reactions ever. These are easily available at various toy shops and kids stores.

Garden Benches

A garden bench is another good option when it comes to inexpensive baby props. These are available in wood and plastic; you can choose any of these depending upon your personal preference. Just ensure the surface is not very glossy or dark-colored to avoid flash reflections.


This is a useful photography prop that works well for children as well as adults. Set a large mirror on the floor and make your baby gaze into it while lying on his/her stomach. You will be able to click some incredible images using this baby prop.

You need more than just Baby Props!

Using the above mentioned baby props can help you get your child's attention but again it might not last for long. Here are some tips that will help you take memorable shots that you will cherish for years: The key to clicking the best baby pictures is to keep the fun element going. Kids love to play, experiment and do the unexpected - approach them with the same spirit and your photographs will not be mere images but living memories.

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