Beginning Digital Photography

"The key to beginning digital photography as a hobby is don’t be intimidated!"

Digital photography is a popular hobby as well as a means of income for many. Beginning digital photography doesn’t take thousands of dollars in equipment and many are surprised at the beautiful photos they can create with just a little practice! The vision of the artist - the photographer - can make a big difference in the final images.

The advantage to digital photography is it’s easier to create great shots. With film cameras one had to shoot, develop then sometimes find that there was an imperfection in the shot.

Today those shots can instantly be redone and the ‘error’ shots when the cat bolts off the camera range can be deleted without printing.

Beginning Digital Photography:
Practice and Persevere

Training your eye towards great shots makes a difference. There are many things that a digital camera can fix but poor composition isn’t one. Beginning digital photography means learning to "see" the photo before it’s taken.

Although more forgiving than past cameras, light is still a major consideration. The way the light falls on a subject can make a difference between a great shot and a deleted shot. This is especially true if the subject is black and white, for example, so the light is ‘absorbed’ on the dark part but glowing reflected on the white part. This is something to be aware of, and deal with, before shooting.

Many recommend shooting in the shade but if a heavy ray of light comes in from the side you still have bright light. Equally, although shade can help it can also create shadows. The automatic settings on most of today’s digital cameras help deal with the light issue.

Beginning digital photography also takes into account the slight pause of many digital cameras that, once you get used to, means you can time your shots better. Initially this can be something that causes frustration as the photo isn’t taken instantly when the shutter is pushed.

Practice! Stretch your learning barriers in beginning digital photography beyond shots of the kids and pets. Learn to use the macro setting on your camera - on many digital cameras this is a little flower symbol. With this you can take close up shots of a beautiful flower bloom, a feather or an item that was given as a present. Remember to change the setting back or your "normal" shots will be blurry.

Beginning digital photography means you can focus on the pictures and, with automatic settings, not worry as much about being in focus The exception to this is that macro setting where depressing the shutter slightly (with many cameras) gives the camera time to adjust the focus to the close up, sharp image you want to catch.

These modern digital cameras make it easier than ever to capture sporting events at children’s ball games or a variety of things you pass daily on your afternoon walk that you may never see otherwise.

Experiment with favorite subjects and different ways to capture them. You might set a challenge of 30 days photographing cats or food or other items. Let your creativity run! If you love cats don’t limit your shots to just your pet cat. Take a trip to the zoo and capture tigers or leopards, and capture the stray cats that are always in the same location. Get photos of several cats and a zoom shot of a tiger’s coat or a close-up of a calico’s spots.

Consider perspective from - literally! - the forest to the leaves. Read the book that comes with your camera and learn what all it can do. Even cameras in the under $100 price range can shoot some incredibly beautiful photos with some practice. Some award winning photos have been taken with digital cameras bought used for under $40!

We often hear of Photoshop programs that alter photos. With this we can put a racehorse in the clouds or a sports car in the living room! This can also change the colors to create purple or green or red tinted photos.

Less dramatic - we can also slightly alter the exposure to correct minor errors in shooting to make a good photo great and a great photo spectacular. Several easy-to-use programs are available that allow even the casual user to view and edit photos.

Digital cameras can have disks available that allow taking hundreds of photos on a disk then transferring to a c.d.. These can mean more photos to choose from to get those great shots.

Beginning digital photography can open doors and windows to your photography enjoyment. It’s a hobby that captures details and preserves memories. Practice and persevere!

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