Beginning Photography Tips

"Welcome to the wonderful world of photography!"

Here are some beginning photography tips that are meant to introduce new photographers to the basic concepts of photography.

This section will also describe certain abilities photographers should acquire to help develop their style.

How to Take Good Pictures - This article explains the fundamentals of good photography. It focuses on composition, portraiture, and landscapes.

Beginners Guide to Digital Photography - The article is meant for new users and amateurs, who are just learning to capture images with their digital camera. This is essentially a Beginners Guide to Digital Photography where we will discuss various aspects of digital photography and provide tips to help users click beautiful digital pictures.

Online Photography Courses - Online photography courses help the budding photographer to learn all about the art of photography. These courses help them master the art of photography and take excellent photographs.

Tips For Taking Digital Photography - Here are tips for taking digital photography to a new level. With more advanced cameras even an amateur can capture quality images.

Discount Photography Equipment - There are many ways to save money with discount photography equipment. Getting a good value is important! Here are five places to start saving money.

Action Photography Tips - This Article provides useful action photography tips for the amateur. Action photography is one of the most difficult of photography genres.

How to Hold a Camera - For the times when a tripod is just not practical, camera stability will depend solely on how the camera is held. This article describes how to properly hold a camera.

Basic Photography Equipment - This will explain the different pieces of equipment that is commonly used by, and usually thought necessary for, a beginning or hobbyist photographer.

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Now back to beginning photography tips.

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Photography Lighting Techniques - This beginning photography tips article covers flash or strobe lighting, soft-box effects, light tents, and controlled natural lighting.

Beginning 35mm Photography - Beginning 35mm photography offers many challenges for those that grew up in the age of the digital camera. These tips will explain what the consider.

Photo Framing - Photo framing has always been used as a way to preserve and display pictures but most of us have never looked beyond the traditional framing styles. The article discusses the various types of photo frames.

Choosing a Subject - Usually our subject is chosen for us, but for those times when we get to choose our own, we must make sure that the viewer does not have to guess what the main subject is.

Black and White Photography Techniques - These black and white photography techniques and beginning photography tips show the importance in contrasting tones, effects of colored filters, selective coloring and more.

Beginning Digital Photography - Photography is easier than ever with digital cameras. Still, beginning digital photography is intimidating for some.

Seeing the Picture - Unless there is enough time and film to take an unlimited amount of pictures, the artist must be able to frame the shot and see the photo before it is taken.

Beginning Photography - Beginning photography is a popular interest of people of all ages and backgrounds. Here are 10 tips to get better photos.

Studying Images - If a scene is stationary but movable, think of what can be created with what you have. Create the shadows and patterns that you want.

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