Bird Photography Tips

"So, what is the first step in birding?
It's finding them!"

Bird photography tips are becoming more and more necessary with the increased popularity of nature photography. Bird photography presents many challenges that can become addictive to overcome.

With the right preparation and insight, photographers have been able to present birds that showcase exotic patterns and colors.

If you are going after a particular kind of bird, you may have to do some research on their migration and nesting habits. If you are just out to see what you can find but are having a hard time finding anything, read the article Bird Spotting.

Now, birds of prey are a bit different that your normal birds, but in a god way. They are very territorial and usually come back to the same location often. For more tips on getting great shots of these Accipiter in action, check out Spotting Birds of Prey.

Now that the bird is found, the photo needs to be taken. Unless you have an unobstructed view of the subject and a telephoto lens, you may have to get in close. This can cause a problem sense they are startled easily. For some tips on getting close to the subject, read the article on Approaching Birds.

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