Why Should You Buy Stock Photos?

"Buy Stock Photos and boost your earnings!"

Looking for the right images for your website? Whether it is for an art project, for interior decoration, or for other purposes, you can find the most affordable and beautiful photos in the stock photo archives.

Online stock photo libraries offer a wide variety of photographs that can fulfill your professional requirements. A decent stock photo collection will have somewhere between 500-1000 photographs based on different themes and subjects.

There are various reasons why stock photography is the first choice for many artists and web designers. Here's a look at a few of them:

Reasons why you should Buy Stock Photos

  • Unique & Exotic Collection - Whether you need photos for a promotional event or advertising for your website, you can be sure of finding the most unique and compelling images in the stock photo archives. You can buy stock photos that not only convey the right message to your customers/visitors but also create an outstanding impression.

  • Easy on your Pocket - Not all of us can hire a professional photographer to get customized photos done nor can all of us click exquisite pictures on our own. Stock photography is a great alternative when it comes to getting the best visuals at a competitive price. You can buy inexpensive yet high quality images from various stock photo libraries.

  • Exclusive Rights - Most of us have at some point in our careers either used visuals ripped off from someone else's website or picked up the free images available online. While copying images from someone else's website can get you sued, using free images affects your brand as many others will be using the same pictures. Buying stock photos helps you avoid both these risks since you will have the sole license for those photos and they will be exclusive to your website or brand.

  • Increase Traffic to your Website - Web-based stock photographs are pre-embedded with Meta data tags, which make them searchable online. When a particular keyword related to your image is typed, the search results will show your website along with the image. This feature can be a boon for online advertisers, who spend thousands of dollars on getting traffic to their websites.

  • Saves Time - Even a basic photo-shoot would require too much time and energy, while you could buy stock photos within a few minutes. For all busy professionals, buying photos online makes more sense than spending hours (even weeks!) on a photo-shoot.
Now that you know how useful stock photos can be, let us take a look at the various points you should consider before buying stock photos for your business or project.

Tips to Buy Stock Photos Online

  • Ensure that you choose good quality images since they will ultimately represent your business/website. Most online photo libraries allow you to view samples of various photographs so you can decide which ones will most suit your needs.

  • Select an archive that has a good collection of photos so you have more variety to choose from. Check out a wide range of photos that meet your requirements and then select the best ones. Look for variety in background, color schemes, lighting, framing and so on.

  • Depending upon your intended use, a stock photo library can cost anywhere between $100 to $1000 dollars. The value of photographs also depends upon the intended use, duration for which the image will be used, size of the photo and exclusivity rights. You can get off-season discounts and can negotiate with the photographer or archive owner about the pricing.

  • Most stock photos are divided as per themes such as Parties, Spring, X'mas or general subjects such as nature, sports, waterfalls and so on. This can be very helpful if you are looking for visuals based on a particular theme. You can either choose individual photographs or buy an entire collection.

  • If you are on a tight budget, try looking for microstock photographs - these are low costs images that are basically clicked by amateurs or hobbyists who sell their work to stock libraries. Priced between $1 to $5, they can be the right choice for your website or wall decor needs.
'A picture speaks a thousand words' so if you need the best visuals for your website, keep in mind the above points and buy stock photos that will represent the true spirit of your website or product.

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