Child Photography Tip:
Don’t Be a Stranger

"Child photography is hard enough
when the child knows you."

If the children do not know you, it can often be a struggle, but it does not have to be.

The first thing that to do when photographing children that do not know you is introduce yourself as soon as possible. The sooner they know who you are the sooner they will relax around you.

Also, let them become familiar with your equipment. I am not saying to let them pick up your SLR and start snapping away, but show them the equipment. Tell them what the equipment is for. If you have an old (broken) camera body that they can hold, bring it along and let them hold it.

Once you have introduced yourself and your equipment, step away from the children (with your equipment out of the children’s reach) and talk to the adults. Let the children see you being familiar with their parents. This will also help the children be more comfortable around you. You will no longer seem like a stranger.

The Photo Shoot

When you first start taking pictures of the children, do so in a natural setting. Let the child play. Have the parents play as well to help the child be more comfortable with you taking pictures.

The point is to get the children as comfortable with your presence as possible so they will act more natural while you are doing the photo shoot.

Once the children are comfortable with you, start creating the scenes that the parents would like.

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