Child Photography Tip:
Fill the Viewfinder

"I give the same advice for all shots
but it is most important in child photography.
Make the subject prominent in the scene not just part of it."

Be sure that the face of the child can be seen in detail. The expression on a child’s face can express blissfulness, mischievous thoughts, or a multitude of other details about the child’s character.

Clarify the Subject

Child PhotographyMany people want to get a great background in with their children. The problem with this is that if the subject is too small in the scene, other people may not be able to recognize who the child is. Not only that, but much of the character of the subject may be overpowered by the background.

Do not lose perspective of what the subject of the shot is. I usually go for a head and shoulders shot or an above the waist shot whenever possible to ensure the child dominates the scene.

It is okay to widen the view a bit, but do not allow the background or surroundings to overpower the subject.

Full Body Shot

The only time that I go for a full body shot when photographing children is when part of the subject is the activity the child is participating in: soccer, playing tag, or jumping off the side of a waterfall. Other then that, I usually stick to the head and shoulders shots.

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