Child Photography Tip:
Use Candid Photography

"In child photography,
some of the best shots are taken on the spur of the moment.
The child may not even know that his or her picture is even being taken."

Candid Photography

Candid photography focuses on the spontaneity of an event or subject rather than a staged setting. This technique requires the photographer be prepared to take a shot when the scene presents itself instead of setting up the scene.

When They See the Photographer

Goofy SmileAll children act differently when they know their picture is being taken. Some become shy, some become over actors, and some are just meant to be in front of a camera.

As you can see, my boy has a bit of a goofy camera smile. I actually had to hunt for this one; he usually does not know that I am taking his picture.

The main point is that they all act differently if they know their picture is being taken.

A great candid picture of my boy can be seen on Child Photography Tip: Fill the Viewfinder.

Back Off

In order to get around this unnatural appearance of the child, back off and use a telephoto lens to allow a closer perspective at a distance.

This will allow you to capture the true character of the child through candid photography without letting the subject know that you are taking a picture. They will have no time or reason to change their natural expression.

I still use a tripod while I am doing this. I just allow the swivels of the tripod to be fairly lose so I can follow the subject.

Candid photography at a distance is great for capturing the blissful expression of a child playing.

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