Child Photography Tips

"The ever changing subject.
They just grow up too quick."

Child photography is one of the most rewarding fields of photography.

Child Photography: Child PlayingI have been a photographer for a while now and I would have to say that my favorite subject to photography is my son. I mean, just look at that face.

One of the biggest reasons that parents love photographing their children is that the subject changes (grows up) so quickly. Children rarely look the same from one photo opportunity to the next.

The articles linked below will show the techniques that photographers use to capture the character and blissfulness of childhood.

Baby Poses - Helpful guide for photographers looking for baby poses and baby photography ideas. Covers poses and technical aspects of baby photography.

Child Action Photography - Face it, children are quick. This article shows how to virtually stop time and get great shots no matter how quick they are.

Baby Props - Photographing babies or toddlers requires skill, patience, and good baby props. The article describes some of the popular baby props that can be used by parents, professionals, and all those, who are interested in capturing children's photos.

Fill the Viewfinder - The child should be prominent in the scene, not just part of it. This article shows techniques that ensure that the child is not overlooked in the photograph.

Child Portrait Photography - Some people think if they can't make it as a family photographer they can "just do" child portrait photography. This isn't a second option.

Don't Be a Stranger - Parents raise their children no to go near strangers. So how are professional photographers supposed to take pictures of them? This article shows how not to be viewed as a stranger if you are asked or hired to photograph someone else’s child.

Professional Baby Photography - Professional baby photography captures the first months to year of a child's life. This can be irreplaceable memories for parents. Here are basics you need for capturing these moments.

Use Candid Photography - All children act differently when they know their picture is being taken. This makes it hard to capture their true character. This article shows how to use candid photography at a distance so the children do not know their picture is being taken.

I hope you have enjoyed our articles covering child photography tips.

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