Digital Wedding
Photography Tips

"This day I will marry my friend, the one I laugh with,
live for, dream with, love."

Digital wedding photography tips are seen as something that those with a little experience no longer need. For the beginner learning the ropes there are absolutely things that are better learned in advance rather than experience.

Things such as always have more battery power than you think you'll need – this is someone's once in a lifetime memories you're capturing! Never stop learning – and look to these other digital wedding photography tips as well!

Quality and Quantity

Shoot many more than you need! With digital cameras you don't have to print every photo and it costs only disc space (which you should always have plenty of!) to take more photos which insures you have those valued shots.

We never know what tomorrow may hold and among the best of digital wedding photography tips is remember you are preserving memories. Tragic things happen all the time and if you captured the bride with her brother or the couple with both parents and it ends up the last photo of all of them together it becomes much more sentimental and personal.

Few people complain about too many photos taken especially when it results in shots that preserve the day forever!

Use high resolution. Eliminate grainy shots and insure enlargements are clear and sharp by using a high resolution setting when shooting photos.

Pay attention to the lighting as some things can be changed with modern software but that can only due so much without losing the clarity that makes outstanding shots.

Improve Photos and Deliver

Photo management software - find some that works for you and use it! This ranks high inn the list of digital wedding photography tips because it can correct those "almost" shots to make them 'keepers' and allows making slight adjustments on the others. It allows for easy cropping of the hand in the corner of the shot or the glass on the table that is a distraction. You can convert some photos to black and white as well as add borders and other details to some photos.

Host photos to share them – Flickr, Facebook and Photobucket are just a few places to put up photos to share them without having to print them all out. It also allows friends and family from anywhere in the world to see them quickly and enjoy them wherever they log on.

Whether it's because they were unable to attend or that they were present and remembering the day a list of digital wedding photography tips wouldn't be complete without mentioning the online abilities we have now!

Extra Notes and Services

Back up copies - burn to disc, make a copy that is kept off the home area. Once you have the photos done, you've retouched them to make them even better and put the photos on cd go the extra step and make a second copy of the cd to store in a safe deposit box or other location. If ever fire, flood or other disaster gets the home and cd album there is a backup to at least replace the photos.

Experiment with turning the aperture down to the lowest stop, focusing on the couple but blurring the background, which is a solution for a "busy" or cluttered background under less than ideal conditions.

Experiment with the shots as if you just came around a corner and caught the couple, or focus on one person while the other is there but not totally in the photo. Use brick walls, bushes and different natural textures to give a different feel in the shots and yet still be memorable.

General Digital Wedding Photography
Tips to Remember

Remember the general rule of thirds but don't miss a great shot because it's centered! Try different angles - down lower looking up at the couple or up slightly on a stair looking down.

Remember with the digital aspect you can correct small things and crop easier than ever before. Shoot as many as you can with use of color, lighting and backgrounds.

These digital wedding photography tips are a beginning point towards recording a day they'll never forget in a way that lives forever, with your camera. Although often overlooked by some attention should be paid to the couple not just that day but before and after.

The biggest advertisement a wedding photographer can have is happy couples telling their friends about you - which if handled wrong can be the biggest thing working against you also! While techniques and attention to details with photos are important it's also critical to treat the couple as clients you value not just a checkbook.

Keep these and other digital wedding photography tips in mind - smile, try to relax, enjoy the company of people and bear in mind that your work will be seen for years to come! That's important!

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