Discount Photography Equipment

"A wise photographer knows when to get discount photography equipment and when to not cut corners.
Make your purchases count!"

Most people undertaking a creative art do so for the love of the art form. It is nice to be able to also make a living from what you love to do and often this means a search for discount photography equipment to stretch the budget. This is especially important when you are starting up, as is knowing where to take advantage of cost saving measures and, just as important, where not to!

A good photographer can do much with basic equipment, but at some point wants the additional options on more expensive equipment. Often it comes at a time when another camera is needed, or some equipment needs replaced anyway.

Planning for this is by far the smartest idea one can do. You know wear and tear will take over, so set a little at a time away. You probably won't miss that $10-20 per month, but over the course of a couple of years that adds up! If you can squirrel away more by all means do so. Having cash is the first step to getting great deals on discount photography equipment.

Additionally know what you NEED. This isn't just what you want but what do you need to capture the photos you're wanting to capture. Whether a physical studio or doing shots in the field there are those things we need and those that "it'd be cool to have." Focus on needs first!

Discount Photography Equipment Terms

There are a few main things that come to mind when the term "discount photography equipment" is used.

  • Used equipment
  • Slightly damaged
  • Closeouts
  • Outlet stores
  • packages

All of these can be good sources or not depending on the individual! Some considerations on each of these:

Used equipment - this may be a photographer with extra equipment, or who finds he doesn't need the equipment as much as he thought. Used cameras can be found in many places from your local paper, Craigslist and EBay to forums such as Photocamel where members have an extra camera or other photo related gadget they want to part with.

Remember that while saving money is a goal that too cheap is cause for concern also. It could be that the person doesn't know the value of an item but could also be that it's stolen! This is less likely on forums that people participate in over a place that simply lists classifieds.

Slightly damaged - this equipment is the new items that have a slight cosmetic flaw that prevent from being sold as new. This might be a tear in a backdrop or a scratch in an area that doesn't affect the working ability of the item. This can be a great way to get good equipment for less money.

As long as it doesn't affect the usefulness of the item or can be repaired, this is a great way to save money. For example, a backdrop with a tear normally wouldn't be considered, however if you do pet photography, can patch that and arrange for the patched area to not show, no one will know it's damaged or that you saved money.

Closeouts - from going out of business sales to discontinued items or models these are things that often cannot be returned. While it can mean saving money it also pays to know for sure that it's an item you want!

Outlet stores - these may be online and/or a physical building and often have a group of regular customers that participate in online forums and contests. Porters is an example of an outlet store that gives good prices and bonuses with purchases.

Package purchases are a great way to get discount photography equipment. This is a grouping of individual equipment that may include backdrops, basic stands for lighting buffers and/or lighting. This may be a package to start at $200 on up to more advanced packages at a couple thousand dollars.

All of these can often be found with some scouting around online, allowing those even far from cities an opportunity for bargain shopping from the convenience of your home. Be sure to ask questions as to the condition of the item and get a good grasp if it will work for your intended use.

Don't overlook making your own photography equipment such as boxes to shoot in or adapting other items for use for photography. As long as it does what you need adapting equipment can be a great way to save money on photography equipment for the studio or for outside the studio.

Discount photography equipment doesn't mean necessarily saving every penny - it's making the most of every penny! There is a difference!

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