Event Photography Tips

"Photography can make every occasion more special."

Here are some event photography tips that will better prepare you for some of the larger and more active functions. The thing that most of these events have in common is that there is always some action going on, so preparation and timing is key.

The Events

Wedding Photography Tips - What the Pros Do - Presents wedding photography tips for photographers looking to excel at wedding photography and produce extraordinary, professional quality results.

Nightclub Photography Tips - These nightclub photography tips will explain how to line up a shot in a crowded room, what lenses to use to get the perfect shots, and how to work with the light provided.

Digital Wedding Photography Tips - Digital wedding photography tips listed here can make a good shot a great one. General tips on increasing the "good photos" and preserving a memorable day visually.

Convention Photography - This article will show some of the problems that photographers run into at these events, and how to overcome them. It also focuses on control of lighting, both indoors and out.

Sports Photography Tips - An overview of sports photography tips with advice about camera settings, preparation and equipment.

Summer Wedding - This article covers many aspects of summer wedding photography. It discusses lighting, equipment, posing, and more.

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