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"Any business must have promotion and marketing in mind and family photography studios are no exception."

Among the most popular of opportunities for photographers is that of studios that specialize in family photography. This means you need more than just being good at what you do. If you are good and no one knows about it

Proper promotion is essential due to the competition factor in running family photography studios. Here are some ways to promote in your local area without breaking the bank.

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Depending on the area you are in there may be several ways to target advertising to find not only established residents but new ones as well. One option, more popular in rural areas or small towns, is the Welcome Wagon, a free service towards new residents. You can, for a small fee, include a small item and card or coupon for a discount. Small items that are inexpensive, useful and have your contact information on them are effective.

Another option for family photography studios is sponsoring a school function or sports team. Be it a local soccer team or sponsoring a spot in the programs for the football or basketball programs or buying a lamb at the local 4-H auction an excellent way to get in front of families and parents is to be where they are! Community involvement is popular especially outside of the cities.

Still another idea that is increasing is non-alcoholic prom and homecoming events. Sponsor a few pizzas or other treat for the high school students that stay out of trouble! This is an 'investment' that lasts - they'll remember it not only to tell their parents but also as they get married and start families of their own. Established family photography studios are set to take in those customers the, growing their client base even if some move away.

Many areas have county and state pageants for "Miss (Whatever) County" or "Miss Missouri" queen contests. Consider pairing with a local beauty salon or cosmetologist to treat entrants to a 'spa day' - a beauty treatment and 8x10 portrait. It might cost you a day or half day of shooting, but every time those portraits are used your stamp is on them. Some areas have rodeo queen or local festival queen pageants that can also be a source of donation and promotion.

Consider having photography related handouts for customers. Small photo books tailored towards weddings, graduations and other special events can keep even those who may not often use photography services coming into your studio. Frames, mats and other photo related products can mean you are the source of photo related expertise in the area which keeps your name in front of the public.

Consider the possibility of partnering with a talented scrapbook artist, writer, or other creative artist to offer broader services for unique gifts to customers. This might be a means of arranging and organizing vacation photos or 'life' photos for gifts or family history. Each professional could be independent with your family photography studios spearheading the effort for a small percentage of the fee. Use caution in this and select professionals that have the same commitment to customers that you do.

Don't overlook those county fairs. Ask if there's a photographer and if not donate time to take photos of top winning youth (or open) livestock or craft winners or to be available if needed. One option might be photographing champions in several divisions and gifting a 5x7 photo with the option for ordering larger photos. There may be other competitions during the school year in your area to reward excellence such as to the senior valedictorian at the high school and/or college level.

Make the best use of your advertising dollars. Consider where your customers are likely to be and be there. This need not be a major or costly expense but look for the best value. From a business standpoint keep track of your returns but remember that some of these suggestions the return may be more than financial. At the same time, make sure that you spend wisely as any business needs to operate as a business to stay open. This includes family photography studios!

Don't overlook the value of business promotional magnets on your vehicle, special offers of calendars to those customers that have been especially good to you. There are sites online that can put together calendars with your images for under $15. T-shirts, ball caps and other items are seen more than you might think.

Local promotion is important for family photography studios. Those local residents are your target market. Be the name that comes up in a positive way when someone asks "do you know a photographer?"

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