Family Stock Photography

"'What is a family?' An illustration is evident with family stock photography"

We often don't think about the demand for a family as the subject in stock photography yet we see it all the time. The family sitting down to dinner, the parent and child in a rocking chair or the children playing in front of a home all can be captured and sold as stock photography.

There are many more ways to use family stock photography. From travel sites to festival sites photos of families having a great time help accent the image, literally, that is being marketed.

Making Extra Money with
Family Stock Photography

Before starting in this the first step is setting up a release. A model release releases you from liability from the use of the photo. Remember that with stock photos they may not be used as you intended or as it was taken.

In today's litigious society it might also be worth consulting with an attorney to insure you are protected as much as possible from legal action. This is often not an expense that many consider but it can be well worth the money. Remember that as a stock photo you are not always in control of who buys and for what purpose. If someone convinces a jury that a photo appearing in a negative way damages their reputation it can be the first and last time the issue comes up for you.

Consider all aspects of how pictures may be used. For example, you might take a photo of a loving parent and daughter interaction depiction. This might be picked up for an ad on abortion or birth control as much as one from a church about coming of age. It might portray a ‘nice' quality in an abusive relationship. It might support a cause that you nor the models don't want to support. It might not matter how it's used but perception can change many things and it's important.

Some agencies may sell to organizations or businesses that you might not want using your work. These may vary from radical animal or environmental rights organizations to companies that sell products your models may not want to be associated with. With stock photography this is a possibility to consider carefully.

Family stock photography need not be of a physical family. The perception in a photograph can be different than reality, much as actors and actresses can adopt roles so do your models. This perception should be guarded carefully for positive and negative influences.

Additionally be sure to use a variety of looks for models. There are markets not only for family photos that are white but also of other cultures, skin tones, hair lengths and races. By embracing these and attempting to put it forward in a positive manner it's a chance for a broader based market.

Remember that today's family may be of mixed heritage. This further underscores the importance of family stock photography that depicts a variety of races and cultures. Be sensitive to these differences also. For example, Amish are opposed to having photos taken especially of adults that can be identified. Many don't mind photos from a distance in a buggy or working but never assume. Respect the wishes of those being photographed.

Family stock photography doesn't give a photographer license to be inconsiderate so remember that if some people seem rude there may be underlying reasons for it - don't assume but ask. There may be something you are doing unaware it is offensive - if so simply apologize and offer to make it right whether that is destroying the photo or altering how you are shooting.

Remember no photo is worth a negative reputation. Better to delete a photo and have the respect of the people involved who may well be happy to cooperate if from a different angle or within other boundaries.

Remember that like many other forms of stock photography volume is needed to keep a reasonable amount of money coming in. additionally the more you shoot the more likely you are to have that one shot that a customer wants.

Decide whether you want to hold the rights to your family stock photography or sell it to a bigger stock photography company. This can vary from a one time payment to a small fee each time the photo is used. More often than not this will be for small ads or other appearances rather than major ad campaigns but at the same time never assume.

There are many ways to use photography to make a living and although many embrace portraits often family stock photography isn't thought of. It surrounds us - think of it. Shoot it. Embrace it.

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