Freelance Photography Jobs

"Anyone who says they can't find freelance photography jobs is making excuses to fail. If you want something go after it, don't wait for it to come to you."

As with any business photography is more than just taking photos and much of it is not something you get paid directly for. Finding freelance photography jobs means contacting people, keeping records, maintaining equipment, promotion, marketing and many things besides just the photography itself.

When you work for someone you have the luxury of just photography work but when you are a freelancer finding that next job is as important as working this one. There are no guarantees! This means the unseen work behind freelance photography jobs needs to be accounted for in your time and your pricing. Here are tips to keeping the freelance work coming.

Finding Freelance Photography Jobs

Ask clients for referrals. This is the cheapest marketing for freelance photography jobs you can do! You have a happy customer, a customer who has seen your work and paid you for it! The best form of advertising is word of mouth but sometimes you have to ask for it. Perhaps the client knows someone else who needs a work.

Sometimes a challenge can be found and an odd measure of freelance photography jobs that one wouldn't think of. Consider photography with law enforcement, coroners offices and other grim work that may not be pretty but is extremely important as the photos document evidence.

Fire investigators, preschool photographers, food photography, sports, art and a wide range of other may use freelancers, especially as budgets are cut. If they can call someone for an hour or two without having a full time person it saves them - and makes you - money.

Searching online can bring up specialty photographer sites as well as general outsourcing sites such as Elance, Guru and other sites. There are not only photographers but sometimes photo editing and although there are many listings that search for the lowest dollar there are also many who are more interested in a professional job with results.

Standard job sites such as may hold some freelance job leads. There are also sites for freelancing specifically for digital camera shooting.

Livestock and horse photography is another place to find jobs. If you have a farm background this can give you an edge as you'll be in a better position to capture the "sale photos" that people want, which is more than just taking photos of a bull or horse. Here word of mouth is your absolute best bet.

Food photography, catalog photography and event photography are sometimes overlooked - if you're interested in these possibilities practice, get some great shots and go after the jobs!

It's important to have a good portfolio to show. You might consider giving some photo time to a few models as a way to do this - they get free shots for their portfolio and you get some for yours also. Be sure to get a model release to use them!

Still another form of work can come from using your images in self published works. Places like allow creative use of photography in calendars and photo books. Additionally, with some effort and marketing those capturing scenic shots and animals can find a market with some types of photos.

Be original and think just enough outside the box to be unique in a good way! Don't overlook the obvious markets for booking shoots and selling your photos. This can be decent money in between working jobs for others.

Beware of places and websites that promise outrageous sums of income for shooting snapshots locally. These are targeted for beginning photographers and can be tempting. Most of these offers have a fee attached to it and, for the vast number of people, will get you no contacts you can't find locally. They exist because some do make money but more than anything the ones who make money are the ones selling the list, system or program. Pass these by, do some legwork yourself and find the legitimate jobs that are out there.

Remember that every photo you pass on a billboard or sign or magazine cover someone took that shot! The quest for freelance photography jobs isn't always easy but it can be greatly rewarding, and not just financially.

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