How to Photograph Jewelry

"Wondering how to photograph jewelry, here's the help!"

Jewelry photography is one of the most important streams of digital photography. In fact, it remains one of the most challenging professions in today's world. Many amateur photographers aspire to master this art.

Remember, taking pictures is an art but taking photographs of jewelry is a finer art. This is because the beauty of the jewelry can be enhanced only by a professional jewelry photographer.

If you want to master the art of digital photography, you must learn how to photograph jewelry because it will help you uncover the finer aspects of photography.

Important Things to Remember when
Learning How to Photograph Jewelry

There are various things that have to be kept in mind while learning jewelry photography. Some of them are described below:

  • Focus

    In order to take impressive pictures of the jewelry, you must put your camera in ‘spot focus' mode. Normally, digital cameras are preset on ‘average focus mode' to allow the camera to cover the wider area. But, by putting your camera to spot focus mode, you will be able to manually control what the camera will be focusing on. Unfortunately, not all digital cameras can yield the desired results in the spot focus mode. Therefore, you must use a digital camera equipped with good manual focus capability in order to take crisp and sharp images.

  • The Lighting and Exposure

    The lighting is the most important factor that has to be considered when one is taking a photograph of a piece of jewelry. This is because the lighting or the lack of it can spoil the picture. The jewelry that is photographed should look exactly like the original piece of jewelry or even better. If the photograph of the jewel looks worse than the actual one, then the fault is with the photographer and his equipment. Always use soft lights while photographing jewelry.

    You can also use continuous lighting to shoot jewels. Many jewelry photographers prefer using LEDs for shooting gemstones as they add sparkling effect to the gems. It is important to position the gem in such a way that the stone is seen sparkling. Never use on camera flash to shoot jewelry as it might create harsh and disturbing shadows on your images and spoil your picture.

  • Aperture

    The aperture setting allows you to create the desired effect in your images. Choose a small aperture if you want a piece of jewelry to be in complete focus. Use a wider aperture if you want some portion of the jewelry to look sharp and remaining blurred.

    You can experiment with different aperture settings to find out which one helps you show your jewelry best. Many expert photographers prefer to use a small aperture as this helps them keep the entire piece of jewelry in focus while allowing them to blur the background.

  • The Processing of the Photograph

    There are times when the photograph taken by you contains some faults, and this is where the digital camera and the various software that help to modify photographs, will help. You can use various software packages such as Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop to crop your image or sharpen it, if required.
Apart from using the tips and tricks defined above, you need to take a look at your photography equipment. You need multiple equipments while learning how to photograph jewelry.
  • Tripod

    Tripod is one of the most essential equipment that helps to take effective photographs. Do you know even minimal shake of the hands can cause a blemish on the photograph? To prevent this, you should ensure that there is not even the mildest of shaking and this can be ensured by the use of the tripod.

  • Light Tent

    You can use light tents specifically designed for soft lights and reflection control. These tents are ideal for hanging small jewelry pieces such as pendants and ear rings.

  • Image Modification Software

    Other than using a tripod, you must have a good digital camera, and also the related software to make some changes in the photographs. These are the most important equipment needed to make a good quality jewelry photograph.
The photographs of jewelry are very important because good photographs of pieces of jewelry can earn a lot of income for the photographer. As a photograph can enhance the beauty of the jewelry and also increase the sale value of that piece of jewelry, the amount to be paid to the photographer also increases in proportion.

You can also master this distinguished domain provided you follow the tips described here while learning how to photograph jewelry.

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