Landscape Focal Point

Every landscape needs a landscape focal point.
Before photographs are even taken, photographers should ask themselves:
"What is the Subject in this Picture?"

Tree SilhouetteIn other words, they should find out what the true subject of the picture should be. They should ask themselves what the center of interest is. What should the viewer's eye rest on? What stands out?

A focal point is important for many reasons. One of the main ones is that the viewers' eyes needs a resting place; they need something of interest to focus on or they will just skim over the picture and then move on to the next one.

A landscape focal point is no different. Actually focal points are even more important with landscapes because landscapes often involve a much broader field. Without a focal point, the viewer's eye is left wondering through the image with nowhere to rest.

The subject can be anything. It can be a rock, a building or any other structure, a silhouette, or a tree. You get the idea. The subject will create the interest. Though, more important than the subject is the simple fact that the picture has a focal point.

Landscape Focal Point Tips

Okay, a subject has been chosen. Now comes the fun stuff. How can it be enhanced?

Position - The focal point should be placed in a prominent position. If possible, focused light can be used to draw the viewer's eye to it.

Landscape BlurBlur - If the subject is still and its surroundings are moving, use a slower shudder speed. This will cause the surroundings to seem distorted or blurred while the focal point is clear.

Focus - You can also use the depth of field to blur out the subject's surroundings even if they are also still.

Size - Of course, if the subject is large compared to its surroundings, it size alone can give it dominance in the photograph.

Shape - Contrasting shapes can make a focal point stand out. Contrasting patterns can also be used this way.

Color - Contrasting colors can be used to set a focal point and can also be used to set a mood for the picture.

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