Landscape Photography Lighting

"Not just for sunny days."

Cloudy SunsetLet's face it; your landscape photography lighting will be done by nature. Since weather is not something that can be controlled, choosing the right time to take these types of photographs is quite important.

That is not to mean that you should wait for a bright sunny day go grab your camera and head for the great outdoors as many photographers do. The right overcast can create a deep mood for the image. It can also create some interesting overtones and shadows.

Tips and Techniques

If you are looking to create an outdoor photograph with a bit more mood, look for some storms, or fog. Dramatic clouds with some sunlight shining through can create some real feeling in a photo.

Rainbows and sunsets can create a lighter mood if you do not care for the storms. Using these weather and lighting variations will create more opportunities for great landscape photography, rather than just waiting for the next sunny day.

Sunset SilhouetteTo add more texture and dimension to your outdoor pictures, try shooting them at dusk or dawn. The angle of the light just glancing off the scenery can really create interesting patterns. If nothing else, it will add a nice golden glow to the picture, and who doesn't like sunsets.

I hope this has given you a bit more to think about concerning your landscape lighting.

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