Landscape Photography Tips

"Landscape subjects are all around us."

Here are some landscape photography tips that will have your landscapes standing out from amongst the crowd. Since this has become one of the most popular venues of photography, we could all use something that will give our pieces that extra edge.


One reason that some landscapes are not very exciting is that not much thought or preparation was put into the photo. Most people just see a nice scene, get out there camera, point it at the horizon, and click. Before hitting the shutter, think about some of the things below.

How to Photograph the Moon - Learning how to photograph the moon is quite challenging and tricky! There are certain tricks involved that can make a great difference.

Depth of Field - Most photographers want to get as much of the scene in focu as possible. These tips will help to maximize the coverage and clarity of your landscapes.

Creating Panoramic Pictures - Sometimes it is hard to capture the grandness of a landscape in what can be seen through the viewfinder. This technique will show how to stitch together multiple shots to create a panoramic view.

Landscape Focal Point - If viewers’ eyes have nowhere to land, they are likely to just skim over the photo and move on. These tips show different techniques on how to clarify the subject.

Landscape Foreground - It is often overlooked but foreground is important for drawing the viewer into the scene. These tips will show what to look out for.

Landscape Lighting Let's face it; landscape lighting will be done by nature, but it is not just for a sunny day. Here are some tips for all weather conditions.

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One reason that some landscapes are boring is that it is just a straight on shot with the horizon cutting through the center of the picture. Think about your perspective, and try changing your point of view.

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