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Use the form below to submit a link partnership request if you have a photography related site that needs more traffic.

Having multiple inbound links to a site is the best way to make sure that a site stays indexed in the search engines. Links from and to other prominant related sites also increase page rank with Google.


In order to keep good page ranking, this site is only interested in having link partnerships with photography related sites.

This still provides a wide spectrum. Photography does not have to be the main concept of your site, but the page that we link to and receive a link from has to be related to photography.

In the case where your site is related primarily to photography (supplies, professional photographer, printing services, and such), a link from a links or resources page will work.

Our site will not link to pornographic sites. We do accept tasteful artistic nude, but there is a huge difference between this and pornography. Please do not submit a link partnership request if your site is pornographic. You will not get approved and it simply wastes both of our time.

Other than that, I look forward to reviewing your site and hope that we can develop a partnership that will benefit us both.

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This link partnership in no way equates to a business partnership beyond the scope of hosting reciprocal links to the link partner’s site. Either link partner may stop linking to the other link partner’s site at any time, with no legal or financial repercussions or obligations.