Nude Photography Tips

"When using nude photography tips don’t forget to capture the person. Your art and the person's expressions are being recorded."

There are many ways to view the photography of the human body and often nude photos are seen as pornographic. Use your camera as an artist's brush to bring out the artist. Your model is only as good as your portrayal. There are several points to keep in mind and these nude photography tips can help you capture the look you're shooting for.

Remember that nude photos can still show as much or as little as you want. Leave some mystery. Keep in mind the basics:

• Sexy • Sultry • Sensual • Seductive •

Capture these four things and it's been a successful session! Before you start shooting have a good idea what you’re looking for. Remember that nude photography illuminates the body with emotion rather than being explicitly sexual. An unclothed body without emotion is just another photo.

Have a good quality camera with a lens that allows some space without having to get right on top the model. This can mean a good 70-200mm lens that allows shooting from further back, which also can help reduce issues from the camera flash if you use one.

Have the studio warm to allow a comfortable shoot and have blankets, sheets, towels or other props nearby. Use a shirt, unbuttoned to give a hint of more or a robe. Like any other subject look for the best way to portray your model to maximize the strong points and minimize the weaker ones. If there's a scar or other issue that is less attractive use lighting to create a shadow there, or drape a towel or sheet over it.

Some recommend starting with a dark background but this depends on the look you are trying to capture. It also depends on the model, the poses and the colors and textures of other things in the photo.

Basic composition also comes into play and can be used to your advantage. Shoot some photos up high, some at "eye level" and some down lower. Use angles, focus on a shoulder and facial profile from the back.

Have an idea the reason for the photos - a gift for a spouse is often the reason for doing a nude shoot so use that. Make it romantic and provocative.

Digital cameras give an instant review of the photos and can let you know if lighting or colors need changed to make an even better photo. Try profile shots, silhouette shots and color shots with warm colors or splashes of bold color that draws the eye and makes a statement without being obvious.

Natural lighting creates the best images for many nude photos.

Keep it simple - simple lines, simple hair, simple poses. Natural lighting gives a predictable light and if it's a room that is naturally lit within an hour of sunset it can naturally add warmth to the photos that whether you shoot as color or black and white makes a difference.

Many use black and white as it is more forgiving of skin tones and imperfections that often we overlook but the camera doesn't. Lightning can also make a difference here in covering areas the model might be self conscious about.

One of the biggest nude photography tips is work with your model. There needs to be trust and comfortable in posing. A familiarity with lighting means you can also use shadows. Backlighting can be used to keep the model's identity a secret, or showing just part of the face.

You might capture full body shots or partial ones. There are many books written about nude photography but one astute photographer noted "It doesn't matter what anyone's preference is... "YOU are the artist. Show us your vision."

Show the model in the best way possible. For some this can be a single light behind the model pointed at the camera, allowing the shadows and curves to be highlighted. Try spotlighting from the side, and using colors and textures that bring out personal characteristics in your model.

For those familiar with shooting landscape or scenic photos consider the body a landscape - use the light to the maximum advantage. While it's good to keep these nude photography tips in mind don’t be afraid to experiment. Keep it relaxed and fun!

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