Outdoor Family Portrait Photography

"Outdoor family portrait photography is a new wave of capturing family photos."

There is a variety of ways to portray families. Outdoor family portrait photography can be a means to capture families in ways that reflect their interests and hobbies. Additionally it's a way to create photos that create memories.

In days past the family was brought into the studio in front of blue or dark colored backdrop and all posed with smiles, sometimes fake smiles, pretending to be happy while stressed preparing for the shoot. It doesn't have to be that way!

Create Outstanding Outdoor
Family Portrait Photography

The implementation of outdoor family portrait photography means you can avoid the tension and stress. You can provide natural photos while they supply the props. The smiles are usually genuine because the family is relaxed and not thinking about the portraits.

Coordinate the location. This might be a park, or a favorite location with a mountain in the background. Perhaps more than any other type of shooting outdoor family portrait photography uses the family's interests.

A family that skis together might be in the snow with skis and appropriate clothing for the shoot. This can also extend to biking, classic cars, pets, farming and a wide range of other interests and occupations that can often define a family. In a natural (for them) setting it captures a big part of who they are.

This can be tricky if large animals are part of the family's life. A saddle on a fence can be a center point for a rodeo or horse show family. Equally equipment such as snowmobiles, motorcycles and other larger items can be a part of the photo for the family to pose around.

One of the challenges of outdoor family portrait photography is working with lighting and weather. This can be especially challenging because for scheduling reasons appointments for shoots can be scheduled a month ahead of time. Even the Old Farmer's Almanac predictions for weather can alter by a day or two, which can make all the difference in weather for the shoot.

This can mean having equipment to deal with the issue or having disappointed customers that are cranky posing in the rain or hot sun. Portable popup tents are an economical way to provide a dry place to shoot and white ones can also offer a way to diffuse strong sunlight without casting shade and shadows.

The use of light can be tricky in outdoor shoots. On one hand it makes the most of natural light which can highlight many positive things but it can also create a glare on white clothing or surfaces, or create an unwelcome beacon on water or other backgrounds. For such situations an overcast day may be ideal.

Appropriate clothing is important. A formal shoot with dresses will look out of place posed next to mountain bikes or other athletic equipment! Equally running shorts worn by three members of the family may look strange with dress slacks on the other two. Find a way to coordinate interests with dress and the setting for the shoot.

Consider the family's interests, preferences and hobbies - especially those they do together - to find the ideal setting for outdoor family portrait photography. This may vary from the mountains to the beach, depending on the family.

On location shooting need not mean travel to somewhere else. Don't overlook what the family has at their disposal. A beautiful rose garden or patio may be an ideal, relaxed but quiet way to capture the family in a setting that represents them but they may overlook. Some may have an outdoor area near a pond or shrubs that provide an ideal setting for the shoot.

Shooting families in outdoor settings can bring out the highest level of creativity because your options are so many. However this also brings the most variety in shooting situations to overcome to get the great shots that dazzle and capture a family forever.

Don't overlook casual shots of part of the family. For example two or three members in a shot kicking a soccer ball between them can be a special tribute. The entire family should be in some shots but don't overlook those with dad and the kids, the parents together or mom and daughters. This is life and life is memories!

Families are individuals that make up a group of people with shared interests. Outdoor family portrait photography can highlight this in ways that create memorable photos as well as memorable shoots! A photographer can't do much more than that!

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