Outdoor Family Portraits

"My outdoor family portraits are more about me than they are about the people I photograph."

Photography is one of the hobbies that many people take up at various points in their life. For professional photographers, it is not just a hobby, but is their passion. Family portrait photography is a specialized stream of photography that requires you to use certain skills and specialized tricks.

As there are more than one persons in the picture, the challenge lies with the photographer to ensure that he justifies his shot. There are some basic things that every photographer should know about outdoor family portraits, and some of them are listed below:

  • Quality Equipment:You need some photography equipment to create good quality photographs. Some of these equipments are very costly, especially if you want to make photographs look exceptionally good. There are many photographers, who try to make good family portraits using a mediocre camera. This rarely works! This is because if the quality of the equipment is compromised, then the quality of the photograph will also be mediocre. Remember, if you want to excel as a photographer, then you should make sure that you have the best camera with you.

  • The Aperture Setting:The people and the background should be separated by a visible difference. The difference between the subjects and the background can be enhanced by setting the aperture to about 2.4f to 4f. This makes the subjects in the foreground more visible after the picture is developed.

  • The Natural Light:The sunlight is one of the best sources of lighting and you should ensure that the sunrays are put to the maximum use while you are taking pictures. This can be done by setting the aperture value to about f16 when the sun is out. If the sun is hidden in the clouds or if the photograph is being taken in the shade, then you must set the aperture should to f8 to allow more light to enter the camera during an outdoor family portrait session.

  • Using Flash to Your Advantage:The family portrait can be taken with the flash on as it illuminates the subject. This gives a perfect hue to the picture and makes it look perfect. If the photograph is taken in the sunlight, then you can create more beauty by positioning the people with the sun at the back of them and this will cause their hair to be lighted with the sunlight. The flash will illuminate the subject and make a wonderful family portrait.

  • The Exposure:You must use different levels of exposure for shooting great outdoor family portraits. It is possible to control the exposure by using the aperture of your digital camera. In an outdoor portrait, the aperture should only be opened from about 2 to 4 points.

  • The Image-Editing Software:Sometimes, the images captured by the camera may have few blemishes, and the image-editing software such as Photoshop helps you to get rid of these blemishes. As a result, you can create impressive outdoor family portraits within seconds.
The family photographs are usually taken to be preserved for many years. Many of these photographs help the family to remember a certain event in their life, and so you must take the best possible pictures.

Do you know many families hold on to these pictures for generations? This is the main reason for the photograph to be picture perfect and only professionals would be able to make such good portraits.

A good photographer uses the various facets of nature, his talent and good equipment to create a good family portrait that can be viewed for centuries. Only when the photographer uses his talents with various ideas mentioned above, he will be able to make the best outdoor family portraits.

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