The Art of Photo Framing

"Glorify your Memories with Creative Photo Framing"

Framing your photos is important for various reasons - first it provides a physical form to your memories and keeps them intact forever and secondly, it can make your captured moments look more beautiful. Whether you decide to frame your pictures on your own or you leave the job to professional photo framers, the choices are myriad.

From customized designs to a wide variety of frames to the way you mount your photographs, the steps to perfect framing are many. But before you head out to choose a frame for your photos, let us understand why framing your photos is a good idea.

Benefits of Photo Framing

  • Framing supports easy viewing, by allowing photos to be either mounted or placed at a suitable height

  • A carefully chosen frame can give a completely new perspective to your photographs.

  • Gives your images a sense of depth and layers, adding an extra dimension to your photos.

  • Draws attention to the main focal point, creating a barrier between your subject and the background.

  • Clever framing can add an intriguing element to your photographs, leaving the viewers wondering about the story behind the shot.

  • Protects your treasured pictures from dust, dirt, moisture and keeps them fresh and intact for a long time.
Photo framing is the best thing you can do to keep your photos as good as new for years together. Choosing the right frames can enhance your photographs, give a personalized touch to the wall where you put up the frame, bring out subtle colors and elements of the images and glorify your captured shots as Living memories.

You can find an amazing variety of frames at home décor' shops, photography studios, designer shops and so on. These include frames in wood, leather, glass and brass; ceramic frames, antique frames, beaded and colorful frames - the choice is unlimited. Or, you can try a more expensive approach to framing, which includes custom-designed photo frames that created by professional framers.

Guide to Effective Photo Framing

  • Your frame should in every way enhance your photograph and make it look appealing. Choose a frame that adds a touch of creativity to your shot in a subtle way - your frame should never overpower the image but gel with it in a natural way.

  • Framing photos is mainly done to preserve your art and you should select a frame that is strong enough to protect your photos from environmental and physical damage. While presentation errors can be easily corrected, mistakes in preservation are irreversible causing permanent damage to your images.

  • Mats are necessary to separate glass from the surface of your pictures else you risk moisture and fungus built-up inside the frames. They also provide a visual background to your framed pictures. Look at a variety of mat samples to help you to attractively frame your pictures.

  • While selecting colors for the mats, maintain a neutral color tone for the top mat as bright colors can distract the viewers. The additional mats can be co-ordinated with the colors of the background image.

  • Ready-made frames can either be simple wooden or ceramic frames or they can be highly customized, fancy frames in different shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Ready-made frames are simple to use - as all you need to do is open the frame, insert your photograph, place the glass and close the frame.

  • Conservation framing is another popular form of framing that uses acid-free materials and special assembly techniques. It provides better protection to your photographs and keeps them intact for a much longer time than traditional frames.

  • Avoid exposing your framed photographs to direct sunlight, as excess heat and ultra-violet rays can damage your photographs. Or, you can use Conservation glass, which is designed to provide protection against UV rays and humidity.

  • Pick frames that are classy and artistic. If you are hanging a group of frames together, stick to frames with the same type of texture, color and embellishments. This adds a unifying effect to the entire group of photos.

  • The latest in the world of photo framing are the digital frames, which allow you to store and display multiple images. Digital frames are in the shape of an LCD screen which displays your photos in the form of a slideshow along with background music.
Look at different kinds of photos frames and spend some time in choosing the ones that will best suit your photographs. Photo framing is a creative process and if you are wondering what difference can a frame make? Well, it can just turn an ordinary shot into a stunning one!

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