Photography Studio Equipment

"A good basic studio is needed but photography studio equipment is often given more attention than talent. SEE the photo."

Starting a studio is exciting but before going shopping for any photography studio equipment it's important to know what you need. Remember need is different than wants but with smart shopping and creativity you may be able to get both.

Focus on what kind of photography you will be doing. If much of your work is on location you may not need backdrops and a photo set up for portraits in the studio. If on the other hand your primary work will be children and wedding photography it may be wise to have a nice portrait set up as part of your photography studio equipment list.

Basic Photography Studio Equipment

This can be extravagant or basic. You can make some photography studio equipment such as a soft box to shoot small items in. You can create a corner of the yard behind the studio into an outdoor shooting area.

Whatever you plan to shoot there are some basics that are needed. This basic photography studio equipment is - obviously - camera and lens but includes much more.

Lights are needed as lighting can make or break a photo. Along with the lights get good quality stands to position the lights where you want them. Some shots may call for a boom to get the light over a subject or light one side for a dramatic effect.

You can use a variety of lighting as well for different shots - fluorescent, halogen and strobes can all give different techniques wings.

Umbrellas can be extremely useful in focusing lights in one direction rather than all over the room. With the underside of the umbrella white it creates a reflective shield that can greatly increase the light to the subject.

Backgrounds are needed be it for portraits, children, pets or other indoor shooting the background may be a solid color or holiday themed or a pattern, although for the beginning basics the solid backgrounds will work fine and allow you to build your business.

A solid background support set is needed too - this holds the background up high and allows it to drape down and under your subject. Properly securing the background prevents damage to it, prolonging your investment

A good functional camera bag is important. Get something that protects your camera and lens, with pockets for batteries, disks and other small equipment you'll need to take on remote shoots. This can pay off in protecting your equipment.

Camera and lens doesn't need to be the high dollar best one out there. A good photographer learns to "see" the shot and capture it with whatever camera he or she has available. With this in mind it does pay to choose the best camera that suits your needs.

Are you shooting sports? A fast-action 8 frames per second camera may not be just a luxury when it catches the player in the air for the layup or the horse striding out in the stretch.

Remember good shots sell. Almost good not so much and there's only so much you can retouch. If you're shooting wildlife then lens can be a big factor to get right up on the animal without being right up on it! A macro lens helps for catching flowers and insects can open the door to other shots of things we often see but not in the way a macro lens captures it.

A solid tripod helps with night shots as well as still photography and portraits. It allows the camera to stay in one place while you make necessary adjustments and yet you don't lose the shot by moving the camera.

These are all shots you can take in and around your studio, from wherever you are located. They open doors - and are accentuated by props.

Props can be as simple as a milk crate that can be put under a blanket for a child to sit on, or noise makers or toys for children or pets. They may not be a part of the photo process but are no less important, and tailored direct to your needs makes best use of your dollars.

A good computer helps also in allowing you to have software to make edits and correct many errors. Editing software can be as basic as changing the exposure on a digital shot to full scale Photoshop work.

Photography studio equipment need not be expensive, but should be tailored to your needs. If you don't need something right away skip it - get equipment you need!

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