Photography Studio Supplies

"Look where you can save but know value. Photography studio supplies don't have to break you!"

When you begin to set up your studio there are obvious camera related supplies needed. There are other studio supplies that you can save money on but you must know where your limits are. A good value means more than just cheaper cost.

For example one of the places many cut costs is with backdrops. While this is a great place to save money on photography studio supplies consider where and how you shoot. That white sheet that in the light shows through to the background behind it can ruin a shoot and is not such a good deal.

If you're against a solid wall and using heavier material for the backdrop bulk fabric and heavier flat sheets can work well. Lightweight sheets don't work as well as one would think as the light can show through to things behind the fabric.

Other Economical Solutions for
Photography Studio Supplies

Another item in the photography studio supplies - and one you can save money on - is a light box. This is a box set up to photograph items or "still life" shots. A PVC frame with fabric works well here and is lightweight as well as portable. You can have clip lights that attach to the frame.

Even cheaper are "quick and dirty" photography studio supplies that is deceptively inexpensive but results in some great shots. It is low cost enough that you can get a variety of looks for under $20.

The basic beginning is a box, no smaller than 12X18". Unfold the top so the box is open and turn it on its side. The now-bottom you're going to cut out along with large "windows" in the sides. Take some sheer fabric and secure on the sides - with this your light shines through it but the fabric diffuses the light. Photography studio supplies like this allow for great shots on a budget.

Have available a sheet of white poster board and black as well. If you want to spring for colors this is an inexpensive option! Tape the poster board to the back of the box as a backdrop, allowing it to come down and curl into the "floor" of the box. Setting an object in this box allows a seamless backdrop and the light from the sides eliminates shadows.

Sometimes you want a reflective look and this is easy to adapt in your box. Home improvement stores have shiny squares of granite type flooring - a 12 inch square black tile is less than $5 - with the black (or colored) poster board it allows photography of small items such as a vase of flowers, commercial products, professional looking items to list on auction or sale sites online or a host of other applications. Use it to photograph food, individual items, meals and whatever else you can fit into or around the box. The seamless use of poster board means no distracting creases in the photo. This box sits on your solid table, costs little and once you start using it creativity takes over.

Be on the look out for small items you can use as props for your studio. Old but clean blankets can be used under pets or children. For small children a milk crate with a rug or blanket offers something to sit on or lean on for some creative shots. Small chairs can also be handy to have on hand. These need not be expensive.

The "hidden" studio supplies also add up and for these it pays to buy in bulk as well as schedule your purchases. From printer paper to staples to paper clips there is a number of office supplies that are often unseen costs. Large office stores such as Office Depot and OfficeMax can be a good source for purchasing these.

Even better is save and plan - buy your office supplies for the year during back to school sales if possible, when many of these items are on sale. Buying a half dozen boxes of staples or other small items may well be a year's supply for just a few dollars. Don't overlook receipt booklets and any basic software or other items that can help your photography business be more efficient and better records kept.

With good lighting and a creative outlook photography studio supplies can be put together on a budget!

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