7 Pregnancy Portrait Ideas
Capture the Moments

"There are some women whose pregnancy would make some sly bachelor smile."

Unique pregnancy portrait ideas require going beyond just belly pictures. You're capturing life - literally a growing life but also a part of a couple's life that even with several children each is special.

While it's important to know your camera, light and other things from a photography standpoint it also pays to hone on the creative aspect.

This is where your creativity in finding pregnancy portrait ideas can separate you from others doing the same type of photography. There's several unique ways to do this. Posing Secrets

Include Family

With children can capture the wonder in a child's eyes or anticipation of a new brother or sister. This includes the child in "activities" that in many ways they're excluded from in preparations for a new child. Including older children is a priceless gift.

One of the more popular pregnancy portrait ideas is with partner - and should be! This is too often a simple staged photo but more dimensions can be added by making it more natural.

The couple walking in the grass or cuddling on the couch or in many other poses besides just a chair adds "life" to the finished project. While this is a special and individual way to capture a couple there's also the chance to include family.

Photos with parents, siblings and grandparents in addition to the couple can be an incredibly special way to preserve these times forever.

Look for the Beauty

Nude photography of the pregnant body is not something everyone will be comfortable with. Some will cover the breasts with arms or drape a sheet over her to give more of a partial nude look.

Shadows and silhouette can also be accomplished that minimizes the details. Other items such as lace or satin can give a variety of textures and "feeling" to the pictures.

A stuffed child's toy, baby blanket or quilt can all be a part of the shoot giving a variety of looks and images. Combined with the lighting these can be equally interesting in color or black and white.

Bikini pictures can be just enough clothing to keep the woman feeling comfortable. A beech feel with bikini and sun glasses can be flirty and fun while also capturing the time in a special way.

Another option for those still not quite bold enough is a halter top or bra they are comfortable in. Remember that unless she feels comfortable the camera will pick up on the tension - make sure that she is ok with the shooting and if there is indication it isn't working try something else that does!

It isn't life altering but positive energy comes through so much better in print!

Mentioned in the nude but also a clothed silhouette can be beautiful! Use this in combination with other pregnancy portrait ideas - for example the couple in a sunset, with or without the other children gives a simple yet powerful view of a family.

Try other Lighting and Outdoors

Make the outdoors your studio for pregnancy portrait ideas! What are the couple's interests? Use those things as much as possible! Use the beauty of parks be it around flowers or old park benches. Look at beaches or stables or flower gardens. Use plain colors and two boldly colored flowers as the couple faces each other.

Find ways to incorporate pets or special vehicles into the pregnancy portrait ideas to personalize the couple as well as the time period. As part of this it might include a front porch swing, lounge chair on the patio or other comfortable spot in or around the couple's home.

Another on the list of popular ideas is using candle light - a dim room with a few candles either in front of or behind the couple can add a unique look. It can add highlights and shadows both and make for some dramatic photos. This can be against a window or a plain wall.

Make use of fabric and textures. All of these can add interest as well as a variety of looks with minimum amount of changes in location.

Pregnancy Portrait Ideas
Are All Around Us

Look for natural places that lend themselves to natural beauty and lighting. These allow for creative ways to capture women and their families during the pregnancy.

It's a once in a lifetime chance to preserve the memories. Don't let it pass by for your customers but even more creativity in how and where you shoot make it truly portraits to remember.

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