Professional Baby Photography

"Don't pass up a chance to have professional baby photography done during the child's baby stage."

Today's software can offer a range of photos in baby photography from all natural to Photoshopped with angel wings, cloud backgrounds and a host of other possibilities. Some photographers have made a great deal of money putting baby's faces into flowers and other costumes but whether that is how the child will be remembered 18 years from now may vary.

Professional baby photography can be natural and amazing. Simple settings with the right light and textures and truckload of patience can yield wonderful results. The photographer who can turn out great photos time after time will be in demand.

Basic Equipment for
Professional Baby Photography

Have the parent bring a favorite toy along. Try hats, scarves, wraps, baskets and blankets. Remember that babies are apt to move and tire easily but cannot sit up. You might use this with pillows or other props to adjust the baby securely.

A good quality digital or film camera is the first piece of equipment needed for professional baby photography. While this might seem obvious a good camera increases the quality of shots as well as what shots you're able to get. You might alter lighting and other things but cameras have their limits in performance. An SLR camera will have less 'shutter lag' which can increase those great shots that might be missed otherwise.

Professional baby photography can also call for a variety of lenses with the ability to use a wide aperture setting as well as zooming in on action of more mobile babies. Toddlers can move much quicker than newborns and a reliable lens helps capture - and stop! - the action.

Be sure your lens will shoot in focus for crisp, clear shots. Focus on the eyes to insure the clearest, most in focus shots. Use only the best shots for the portfolio shown to parents - bad photos can be overlooked by parents but won't be by those they show the photos to. This can reflect poorly on your abilities as a photographer, and it won't matter if it's talent or equipment to blame.

No matter what kind of photography you do always have plenty of batteries every time you go on a shoot. This is the cheapest part of the equipment and perhaps the most discounted but when it goes wrong it can ruin a shoot that you might not get another chance to do.

A couple of good lights and a flashgun to indirectly bounce light if needed can be invaluable. As with any photography, you will need to use strategic means to get lighting where you want it. Babies can be less apt to be patient with hot lights and sunlight and once they get tired, hot or cranky the chances of getting those great shots diminish rapidly.

Natural light is best for professional baby photography with the above cautions. Avoid mid day sun which can create shadows and other lighting issues as well as direct flash that can cause red eye. Some things can be fixed with software but there's no substitute for good photos to start with. Have a light box that filters light and maximizes the chance for great shots.

Much like wildlife photography always be ready for the unpredictable changes that can include a million dollar smile, an infectious grin or the sparkle in the eyes from a brightly colored toy. Although little babies can move around less than toddlers that doesn't mean they will simply lay there for photos! Arms and legs can move, frowns, spit up and change of clothing can alter a shoot. Furthermore babies don't know nor care you have to change disks nor do they understand "hold that just a minute!"

Anyone with a camera can take snapshots of babies and get an occasional good photo. As a professional you're being paid for your expertise to get great photos. Get down on the baby's level and shoot from different angles. Shoot some framed tight to the baby's face while others can show the head and shoulders and still others the whole baby.

Another piece of equipment many overlook is a good office. Printer, fax, copy machine, forms and other things that keep your business running is as important as the cameras and other equipment that get the shots.

A good storage area insures having necessary items and being able to stock up on things like batteries, insuring you never leave for a photo shoot without plenty of fresh batteries. Don't overlook an efficient, well stocked office and storage area!

Professional baby photography captures memories and hearts. You're not just taking photographs, you're capturing life moments. Make that special!

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