Professional Photography Tips

"A professional should be compensated for services."

The only difference between my professional photography tips and regular photography tips is that the professional side focuses on making money with photography.

I feel that the only difference between an amateur photographer and a professional photographer is that a professional has enough confidence in his or her abilities to charge for the service or product.

There are many ways to make money with a camera, and not all require having a studio. The overhead for some photographers is only the camera equipment itself.

For all the pros out there that host your pictures online and are tired of all the advertisements around your shots, we recommend getting a SmugMug Pro account. It is free to check them out, and they offer some nice tools with a professional gallery.

Those free sites are free for a reason, you are creating pages for them to advertise on. The problem is that their ads are distracting to your viewers.

While the free sites are nice for hosting pictures that you want to share with family and friends, professionals are here to make money and should not distract their viewers (possible clients) with a bunch of ads.

Again, it is free to check out SmugMug, but if you do not like them, please find another host that will not put other companies' advertisements next to shots that are there to entice your customers.

The professional photography tips indexed below will give a better idea of what I am talking about. This index is getting pretty long so if you cannot find what you are looking for, try this search tool.

How to Sell Photos - Knowing how to sell photos is the key to making best use of today's affordable digital cameras, where anybody can take photographs and earn extra money.

How to Photograph Jewelry - Many photographers amateur or professionals do not know how to photograph jewelry because taking pictures of jewelry is an art in itself. This article explains some useful tricks to capture the elegance of jewelry.

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How to Take Professional Pictures - Learning how to take professional pictures may not be easy, but there are a few steps you can follow in order to sharpen your skills.

Photography Business Names - The right photography business names can either make or break you in the photography industry.

Making Money With Photos - Making money with photos could be easier than you may think. In order to see if your photographs have what it takes, you can do a little research on how to sell them online.

Photography Studio Lighting - To make a good photo presentation in the studio, photography studio lighting is key for a great studio shot.

Product Photography Tips Whether in a catalog or on a website, product photography tips can be more useful for this challenging project than some think initially. Ordinary products call for photography on a regular basis.

Professional Photography Cameras - When considering professional photography cameras are the first piece of equipment to come to mind. Here are some tips on choosing the right one.

More Professional Photography Tips

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Royalty Free Images - Royalty free images have revolutionized the way in which the supply of diverse subjects are illustrated through pictorial means.

Stock Photography Tips - Stock photography is overlooked by many photographers but these stock photography tips will get you started recording the ordinary in extraordinary ways.

Freelance Photography Jobs - Paying jobs are needed to keep a photographer housed, clothed and fed. Freelance photography jobs may take creativity to find but are there.

Buy Stock Photos - The article serves as a guide for people who want to buy stock photos and talks about the various aspects of stock photography.

Photography Studio Equipment - Basics are important when setting up photography studio equipment. These professional photography tips will help you get a good value on initial purchases.

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