Studying Images

Being good at studying images is one ability that will allow a photographer take a still scene that seems ordinary and turn it into a captivating image Symmetryof stillness and order.


If you find a subject that you like but the scene is just not right, try making it symmetric. Move some things around if you have to. Remove objects from the shot that distract from the subject. Bring in other objects that will help balance out the shot. This will help bring order to what once may have been a chaotic scene.


If there is nothing guiding the viewer’s eye to your subject, bring something into the scene that will. Shadows are great for this. Often, the shadow of your subject can be used to help guide the viewer into the photo.

Textures and Patterns

Sometimes the subject looks great but the scene seems bland. Try using something that creates textures or patterns around the subject. Your subject breaking the order in the background should enhance the picture without the patterns overpowering or taking away from the subject.

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