Tips For Taking Digital Photography

"Tips for taking digital photography may be needed by many. A camera is only as good as the vision of the operator."

There are a wide variety of photos that can be taken with digital cameras and when coupled with photo editing software can produce results quickly and easily. While editing helps a good basic picture is needed.

The use of digital photography brings many new possibilities to the amateur photographer. The use of photo software can accent or morph images together easier than ever before. This does not make the casual photographer a professional, but does give more creative options. If you can't "see" the picture in your mind you won't be able to see it by capturing it with a camera. Posing Secrets A digital camera is great for recording things instantly such as after an accident or as a notebook recording things or ideas in passing. You can digitally "repaint" a room, taking a photo of a room with white walls for example and using a photo program put green or blue walls to see what looks best before you go buy paint!

There are many things that many photographers won't try but with a digital camera there's no film "wasted" on less than perfect shots. Stretch your photographic horizons! Create your own tips for taking digital photography as you work.

Use the macro adjustment to photograph things you see every day but I a different way. This can be from a feather to a basket to seasonings in the cupboard. The macro adjustment can get ants, droplets on plastic and a wide range of other things in the home and outside of it.

tips for taking digital photography

Although not a perfect photo this shows a macro view of an ordinary feather from a much different view than most see a feather. Coins, nails, spider webs and literally thousands of items we see every day take on a different perspective when shot close with a macro adjustment. As you start using this it opens up even more creative ways to shoot.

An extra tip: use a tripod to insure no movement blurs an otherwise good shot. Work with capturing stained glass, be it the beauty of a church window or a stained glass ornament at home.

Shoot animals - without harming them! If you don't have pets try a zoo, fair, show or exhibition. Drive through the countryside. Crop close for individuals or capture the repetition of hundreds of birds or multiple patterns such as zebras, giraffe or spotted hides on cattle or horses. Remember perspective! Far out, close and very close.


Horse Photo

Horse 3

All three of these are horses, but not by any means the same view of the same horses. Experiment with angles. Remember a key in digital is that slight delay between pressing and getting the shot on some cameras and plan for it. A second too early or two late can in some cases spoil a great shot, for example an alert animal snorting and the blur of the animal leaving at something that startled him.

These same tips for taking digital photography techniques can be used with people - be it capturing a crowded city sidewalk or the eyelashes or hands of a subject.

Some Additional Tips for Taking Digital Photography:

Experiment with the panoramic settings.

  • Use the tripod to catch spectacular views of the moon or fireworks or city lights. This is the method that captures streaks of traffic on city streets, or the moving water in a creek.

  • A longer exposure is needed for low light situations but these can give some beautiful shots as well. Think candles lighting a romantic dinner.

  • Shoot still life. A small table or chair that fabric can be draped over can provide shots that are interesting if you make it interesting with the use of light. Fruit, vegetables, a centerpiece or any number of ordinary objects found around your home.

  • Play with architecture. Fireplaces, wood stoves, brick, mortar and wood all can present interesting views if you see it the right way. Shoot not only from the outside but from different perspectives.
Another example:


solarium 2

solarium under

This is all the same subject from outside the solarium, looking into it from an adjoining room and in it looking up. All three shots give a different look of this historic structure.

There are entire books written on tips for taking digital photography to the next level of your experience. Try new things, both in shooting and editing. The effort is worth it!

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