Wildlife Photography Tips

"The number one rule for wildlife photography is
Go Where The Wildlife Is."


These free wildlife photography tips will help get you closer to the wildlife and put you in a more safe conscious mindset.

Outdoor Photography Tips - This article gives outdoor photography tips for the amateur to make great outdoor shots from a simple camera.

Flower Photography Techniques - Get great shots with flower photography techniques highlighted here. Make your photos pop!

Stalking Animals - Many animals have very keen sences so photographers must learn how to work around those sences to get close enough for that perfect photo. This article will show how this is done.

Zoo Photography - For the photographers that want to get some great photos of exotic animals but do not want to risk becoming prey or go on safari, this is a great article.

Where to Go - This article shows how and where to find more wildlife photo opportunities. It covers researching the subject, finding locations, and other resources.

Nature Photography Safety - While we all love the great outdoors, it can be dangerous if we are not in the correct mindset. Fellow photographer and police officer Brett Edge, offers some good advice in this article.

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